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Thread: Watch and Earn Video

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    Angry Watch and Earn Video

    I can't get any videos to get the supplies needed to play the games now that you have changed this ridiculous feature. For the last 2 or 3 days, both the watch and earn videos come up with "there are no videos to watch now" and the one you get automatically after you play a round, it just has the black box sayin thanks for watchin, but no ad shows. Please just give us our dang products so we can play your game without havin to jump thru loops to play!!

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    I haven't been able to access the Video credit feature in FW for 4 days.. What's up with that? Says no videos available.

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    I have the same problem.. but who can it get fix??

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    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for your reports about Watch & Earn. Your reports have been escalated.

    We appreciate your patience during this time.

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    For the past few days I've watched videos only to be told at the end that there was a problem rewarding me my reward. I swear, they really are great at chasing away players. This, on top of the fact that I take surveys to earn cash or coins only to NOT receive the reward.

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